All pet foods are not created equal, far from it!

Getting started, below you will find a simple grading system for dry Dog & Cat food. Read the ingredients on your pets current food and fill in the score. A+ great, A good, B fair, C or below consider changing foods.

Like ourselves our pets need proper nutrition to be healthy, feel their best and live a long life.

Many health issues such as skin problems, chronic ear infections, poor teeth, over or under weight can be improved with proper nutrition. The first step in helping your pet is education, do your research, ask your vet, staff at TLC and search the internet. 

Nutrition - we are what we eat!

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                 DOG FOOD                                     Start with a grade of 100:      Subtract Points

   1) For every listing of "by-product- 10_______
   2) For every non-specific animal source ("meat" or "poultry", meat, meal or fat) reference                        - 10_______
   3) If the food contains BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin                                                                                                                  - 10_______
   4) For every grain "mill run" or non-specific grain source                                                                                                    - 5_______
   5) If the same grain ingredient is used 2 or more times in the first five ingredients

                 (i.e. "ground brown rice", "brewer's rice", "rice flour" are all the same grain)                                              - 5_______
   6) If the protein sources are not meat meal and there are less than 2 meats in the top 3 ingredients    - 3_______
   7) If it contains any artificial colorants                                                                                                                                            - 3_______
   8) If it contains ground corn or whole grain corn                                                                                                                      - 3_______
   9) If corn is listed in the top 5 ingredients                                                                                                                                      - 2_______
10) If the food contains any animal fat other than fish oil                                                                                                      - 2_______
11) If lamb is the only animal protein source (unless your dog is allergic to other protein sources)           - 2_______
12) If it contains soy or soybeans                                                                                                                                                          - 2_______
13) If it contains wheat (unless you know that your dog isn't allergic to wheat)                                                     - 2_______
14) If it contains beef (unless you know that your dog isn't allergic to beef)                                                             - 1_______
15) If it contains salt                                                                                                                                                                                      - 1_______
                 Extra Credit:      Add Points
1)    If any of the meat sources are organic                                                                                                                                      + 5_______
2)    If the food is endorsed by any major breed group or nutritionist                                                                           + 5_______
3)    If the food is baked not extruded                                                                                                                                                + 5_______
4)    If the food contains probiotics                                                                                                                                                      + 3_______
5)    If the food contains fruit                                                                                                                                                                   + 3_______
6)    If the food contains vegetables (NOT corn or other grains)                                                                                       + 3_______
7)     If the animal sources are hormone-free and antibiotic-free                                                                                     + 2_______
8)     If the food contains barley                                                                                                                                                              + 2_______
9)    If the food contains flax seed oil (not just the seeds)                                                                                                      + 2_______
10) If the food contains oats or oatmeal                                                                                                                                          + 1_______
11) If the food contains sunflower oil                                                                                                                                                + 1_______
12) For every different specific animal protein source (other than the first one; count "chicken" and

          "chicken meal" as only one protein source, but "chicken" and "" as 2 different sources)                          + 1_______
13) If it contains glucosamine and chondroitin                                                                                                                           + 1_______
14) If the vegetables have been tested for pesticides  and are pesticide-free                                                          +1_______


                                                                             Name of food graded__________________________________________Score_____________

               Over 100 = A+,     94-100 = A,    86-93 = B,   78-85 = C,    70-77 = D,    69 or below  = F

Don't forget to read labels on your pets treats and canned food, nutrition is important in these as well.